Mshvenieradze winery

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Mshvenieradze Winery is a small, family-owned winery. We are from Tskhentaro, a village in Imereti region, situated in Zestaponi municipality. Ajameti forest which surrounds the village from the south noticeably affects its air and terroir. Tskhentaro is 25 km away from Kutaisi, Baghdati and Zestaponi. Tskhentaro, as a distinguished wine-producing village, has been on the map of Imereti wineries since 19th century. It is hard to tell what was there before. Our ancestors, like of all other families in the village, used to make wine in “Churi” (that is what we call clay pitcher in Imereti). Winemaking in Imereti is somewhere in between the traditions of European and Kakhetian winemaking - so, we put up to 30% of wine on grape skin. ​ What are we like? – We are like our wine. What is our wine like? - The way we are.

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