Gotsa Family Wines

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Our winery and farmhouse is situated in village Kiketi, only 25 kilometers from the center of Tbilisi. The house is located in oak forests in the mountains, at 1300 m above sea level. We are a traditional Georgian family who continue and keep the values of Georgian family history. Wine is a major part of Georgian heritage. Georgia has many endemic varieties of grape - over 500. The warm climate and moist air rising from the Black Sea provides perfect conditions for the cultivation of grape vines. Our Asureti 4 ha., biodynamic vineyard is located between village “Marabda” and “Asureti” 550 mt. from see level, in territory of “Algeti National Park”. Distance between vineyard and winery is around 10 km. We had planted 22000, 14 different varieties of original Georgian grapes. Vineyard and winery is operated by "Demeter" biodinamic standard. From 2018 we got also organic certificate by "Kiwa BSC" GE-BIO-141. Our wines are not fined and are free of any additives, they are fermented spontaneously. We use only burned sulfur when we are cleaning our vessels (Kvevri's) no sulfur powder is added to our wines. Moore info
N6. III impasse. G.Tabidze str. Village Kiketi. Tbilisi.

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