Zhuka-Sano Wine

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I am Zhuka (Tako Zhuruli), wine-grower and winemaker, my husband is Sano (Zurab Sanodze) _ here's a name of our winery: Zhuka-Sano Wine. This is a small family winery. Our cellar is situated in the house, which we bought in 2015 along with a small vineyard. In the cellar we found old Kvevris – large clay vessels berried underground and used for fermentation, storage and aging of vine, the oldest of them from 1907, we restored several Kvevris, renewed them and now we are making wine in them. Our vineyard is located close to the house; in 5 minutes walking distance. We have only 0,5 ha organic vineyard. 2020, in December we planted a new vineyard. We have the varieties old grapes _ Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Ikaltos tsiteli. We look after grapes only with biological serments and use sulfate with minimal doses according to generally accepted standards of biological farming. The wine we make is natural, organic, without chemical additives and filtration. We do not actually interfere in the fermentation process, we only follow the process and observe cleanliness and hygiene. My husband and I are beginner winemakers; we consider ourselves students of the best georgian winemakers. We regularly get updates in the new information and read old publications about winemaking and vineyard. But the more we learn, the little we know. We have two varieties of wine _ Rkatsiteli (White, dry) and Rkatsiteli-Ikaltos tsiteli (red, dry). While a new vineyard is coming up, we are bottling 600-1000 bottles a year. We sell wine in Germany. Distributor Naturwein Georgien (Zoltan Kovac)
Tbilisi Tskneti street 4

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