Natural wine association” has 20  new members
Natural wine association” has 20 new members


“Natural wine association” has 20  new members


Lately more and more winemakers are interested in production of natural wine, around which members of the Association “Natural wine association” have gathered. That’s why Association, on the basis of special inspection, continues to accept new members annually.  


Companies, willing to become members of Association are aware that applications on becoming members may be submitted from the beginning of the year until August inclusive.  

In 2020, 36 cellars from different regions of Georgia have submitted applications for membership. As a result of visits to cellars and vineyards, group of Associations’ inspection team elaborated corresponding reports and recommendations for each cellar and presented the above to founders for consideration.    


Founders of Association “Natural Wine” make decisions on the basis of discussion and mutual consensus. From the applications, submitted this year, 20 cellars received positive recommendations. 6 cellars have been rejected due to non-conformity to requirements of Association.  


The inspection was not conducted in 10 wine cellars, because they could not submit the required documentation or during the interview it was found that the candidate did not meet the criteria.  



Here is the list of new members of association accepted in 2020, who also became members of the guild of winemakers with one hundred members:  


1.  Chortauli vineyards


2. Winery  Tilisma


3.  Artanuli gaprenili


4.  Bagrati Cellar


5.  Juso’s Winery


6.  Beas Nebi


7.  Buas Cellar


8.  Gabrielis wine


9. Gvariani


10. Targameuli ‘s Cellar


11. Lagvani


12 . Levani’s Cellar


13 . Malati


14 . Mirian Iosebashvili’s Cellar


15 . Niabi’s  Wine Cellar


16 . Anbani Wine


17 . Nagutnebi


18 . Sarishvili family cellar


19 . Georgia In.The Word


20 . Tariel Lomtadze’s Cellar


Association congratulates new members on joining group of our partners.  

Everything natural is better!